Fidelity Card

The SYNX HOUSE Fidelity Card

Interested in receiving a lifetime discount on every lighting product you buy from us? This page will tell you everything you need to know about The SYNX HOUSE Fidelity Card.


What are the benefits of having the Fidelity card?

Upon obtaining your Fidelity Card, you will receive 10% off on all purchases for life in any of our branches.

How do i qualify for The SYNX HOUSE Fidelity card?

To become eligible for our Fidelity card, simply make a purchase of Rs. 2000 or more.

What are the terms and conditions?

1. Only one Fidelity Card can be used during a purchase

2. The Fidelity Card cannot be used alongside an existing sales promotion

3. The physical card needs to be presented in order to receive the discount

4. In case of lost, an ID card must be presented to receive a new card.

When does it expire?

The SYNX HOUSE Fidelity card never expires.